Want to see the actual paintings?

I had someone recently ask me if they could come see paintings in person and do a studio visit and I realized that... Yes! I can do that!  I do not have to have a huge party that is exhausting just to be able for people to see the work in person so I am leaving the idea of a messy studio being unappealing behind me! Sat, December 2nd I am going to just open the doors on my messy, crazy studio so that you can come and see my work in person, and have the work out where it is easy to look. Feel free to buy but please also feel free just to come look.

At the same time I will be having a FLASH SALE where all my paintings will be on sale for that one day. After the studio visit is over, I will open it up to online sales with a special discount code I will post here and send via email, if you are on my email list. Being a crazy prolific painter, there is still lots and lots of art. Hope you see one you love. My work doesn't appeal?  Buy art from any painter! Not one of us does not completely appreciate it.

Happy Holidays! Follow me on Instagram for the Discount Code for the Flash Sale sent out 12/2, and have a Great Holidays! @lauraloepaintings


Welcome to my website!  All the details are here as well as help with how to buy art online.  My work is representational, realistic and abstract with most paintings a combination of the two. I have been a professional oil painter since 1996.  For some idea about my past shows and what I did all those years, you can look at my artist resume. SInce 1996, I also am raising three great kids, but it has been busy so I have to try to find ways to paint and be a Mom, not always the easiest combination to juggle. My work includes  representational and realistic oil paintings that include landscape oil paintings, cityscape oil paintings, still life oil paintings, and figurative oil paintings.  I love to paint and paint a lot of paintings. Follow me on Facebook, Laura Loe and Laura Loe Paintings and Instagram @lauraloepainting. Thanks so much for visiting!

Thanks SO much for an amazing Open Studio!

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