Easy Online Booking for Studio Visits

I have scheduled studio visits to come and see my work at my studio. The appointments are 50 minutes and it is easy to book online! My studio is located at 1712 Buford Road about 10 minutes from Downtown RVA. If the times available do not work for you, just email me and we can figure out a time that works for both of us. laura@lauraloe.com

Sometimes you just want it now.

Ok. These days it is always that way. Thanks Amazon. I NEED IT NOW is kind of my motto. Amazon Prime is kind of slow for me. For that reason, and my kids are at a place where I can do it, I am adding studio visits appointments that you can schedule online. Come to my studio, browse at your own convenience and see what you like and see it in person. It is a working studio, so wont’ be crazy clean, but most art is available for purchase that same day to take home and be hanging within an hour! Instant gratification!

At studio appointments, paintings can be taken home on approval before buying to make sure you LOVE them while at the annual Open Studio Sale, that isn’t available, At an appointment, I will greet you, show you around, and then let you look on your own without my hovering and giving you the sales pitch (something else I don’t love is feeling pressured to buy). Just measure the space you want to hang a piece and let me show you around and if you find a painting you like, take it home and hang it in your own space then buy it or bring it back. Look online to see what you are interested in, and I can have it pulled out to view when you arrive.

Once available, it will be a very easy click and schedule.. No need to even call or email. And if you have a scheduled appointment it is perfectly fine to free to bring a friend or two. The more the merrier! However, these are not open hours, but a true appointment, so if there is no one scheduled the studio is not open. If the times listed do not work, just email me. I can work around most things!