REalistic paintings and representational paintings


My realistic paintings, or representational paintings, tend to be one and the same.  They are ones where I am either looking directly at a subject matter while I paint it, or paint it from memory, trying to capture a particular person, place or thing. A recognizable image is seen but even tides paintings have been somewhat abstracted. I am not as interested as some painters at capturing an exact image of something and more interested in getting the feel or mood of what I am painting. I exaggerate the color, making the scene be more idealistic and drawing from all the thousands of paintings I have painted. I don’t worry about whether it looks exactly the way it may look in real life, I just know I am finished when it looks right to me.  I love to paint realistic paintings but my own tastes have always gravitated to the painterly versus the slick and finished. So my work is much more on the painterly end.  I am an all-in kind of person, so it makes sense that my artwork is as saturated as it is with color and as direct in its approach. I don’t think any artist who has let themselves become their work has much control over how their paintings look, and instead I think you paint a long time and then the paintings suddenly look like your style. I get asked why my colors are as vivid as they are, and I wish I had a good answer for that, but I think it just is me. I can't paint any other way and so I don't.