Welcome to my 21st Annual Open Studio Sale

Thanks so much for having a look. During the event there will be Free Shipping and Local RVA Delivery. Click Here or above to go straight to paintings that are for sale.


If you buy a painting, you will get a receipt by email immediately and when it is shipped it will also send you a tracking number. I will be in touch with locals for delivery. If you want to do a payment plan or pay by check,  then send me a text at 804-366-6327.


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21st Annual Open House

Welcome to my website! My newest works are not posted right now because I am having my 21st Open Studio Sale. Only Online this year! The sale of my newest oil paintings, starts on Friday, November 3rd with paintings posted at 10 AM ET and will continue through 10 PM ET on Saturday. For those two days, all my new paintings will be for sale, and there will also be many paintings at greatly reduced prices. Both will have free shipping! All the details are here as well as help with how to buy art online. You can look at my sold works gallery to see examples of my paintings, but anything for sale will be posted November 3rd. My work is representational, realistic and abstract with most paintings a combination of the two. I have been a professional oil painter since 1996 and this is my 21st Open Studio.  For some idea about my past shows and what I did all those years, you can look at my artist resume. SInce 1996, I also am raising three great kids, but it has been busy so I have to try to find ways to paint and be a Mom, not always the easiest combination to juggle.  Read more about the Open Studio’s history here or above.  This sale will include representational and realistic oil paintings that include landscape oil paintings, cityscape oil paintings, still life oil paintings, and figurative oil paintings. I also have many new abstract oil paintings and there will be lots of them in the show, too.  One of my best ways to describe me as a painter has always been prolific. I love to paint and paint a lot of paintings. I will be posting examples of what will be in the show on Facebook, Laura Loe and Laura Loe Paintings and Instagram @lauraloepainting. Thanks so much for visiting and hope to see you November 3rd!