AbSTRACT Paintings


My Abstract Oil Paintings are approached with an emphasis on color field and color theory versus abstracting a realistic person, place or thing.  I focus on the paint handling on the surface in my abstract painting so most all the abstract pieces will have thickly applied paint and some will have scraffitio (dragging a sharp object through the paint to create marks) as well. They are all approached with one goal and that is to have finished work to be appealing and harmonious to my eye. I have to use all of my knowledge of color and technique to achieve an end result I like, and this can take layer after layer and much longer than my representational paintings.  I love to paint abstractly but I have to be at a place in my own life where I feel like I have things especially taken care of and in an emotional calm to be able to do so, which is ironic when I look at the finished pieces, but that is the way it works for me.  When my life is chaotic and feels out of control, it is more calming to me to paint representational paintings.